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Freshness Delivered

From placing your order to having it delivered to the boat, you will not find a better yacht provisioning service to work with. New England Wholesale Fish & Lobster is the largest and oldest independent seafood supplier in Florida. For over 35 years, we have worked hard building relationships and partnering with local fisherman and suppliers around the world to bring you the freshest seafood available. Our cutting room is dedicated to providing the finest cuts with the highest quality fish available. We encourage you to stop by and tour our seafood processing facility or take the virtual tour. Your guests will be sure to notice the difference we are making in the yachting industry. 

Dedicated to providing customers with the
best possible service & seafood available

Whether you are looking for a yacht provisioning service for the boat owner, charter guests, or just the crew, we pride ourselves at being the best wholesale seafood company to work with in Florida. We carry a vast array of products and can special order almost anything in the world. We offer delivery to your dock 7 days a week. We cut, portion, and pack to your exact specifications. We can individually quality freeze each piece of fish and deliver frozen and vacuumed sealed. Plus, we offer wholesale prices to make sure the crew is served high-quality products while meeting any budget constraints. Do not settle for higher prices and lower-quality grocery store seafood. Call us today.

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