Squid & Octopus

New England Wholesale Squid & Octopus

Nothing screams gourmet like wholesale squid and octopus. Squid tubes have a chewy texture and mild, somewhat sweet flavor. When battered and fried, they make delectable calamari. Squid tubes are also perfect for stuffing a variety of mixtures, such as rice, grains, vegetables, and meat. Many chefs also use squid tubes — and squid tentacles — in soups and stir fry. Here at New England Wholesale Fish & Lobster, we carry tubes, rings, tentacles, squid ink, and more! We also carry whole and baby octopus, which works well as an appetizer or even pan seared or braised as a main dish.

Squid & Octopus Storage Tips

Clean and store in refrigerator tightly covered immediately upon delivery. Use thawed squid or octopus within two days of purchase. For a longer shelf life, freeze for up to 8 weeks.

Wholesale Squid and Octopus Purchasing Tips

To buy wholesale scallops online, please review our seafood product Price Sheet. Local orders placed online are available for pickup at our Stuart-based wholesale seafood facility. We also deliver! Need assistance? We have fresh product delivered daily. Contact one of our wholesale sales representatives today. We’re happy to help.


Baby Octopus

1-2lb Whole

2-4lb Whole

6-8lb Whole

Cooked Octopus


Tubes Only 3/5

Rings Only 3/5

Tubes & Tentacles  3/5

Tubes Only 5/8

Rings Only 5/8

Tubes & Tentacles 5/8

U-10 Squid Tubes

Squid Steaks

Squid Ink

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