New England Wholesale Scallops

Whether you are looking to purchase fresh scallops or frozen for your restaurant, hotel, or other dining establishment, we have a large selection of wholesale scallops to choose from. Both bay scallops and sea scallops are an excellent choice for creating savory appetizers and entrées alike. Additionally, they are not only revered for their subtle sweetness and delicate texture but also their high protein and low fat content.


Fresh scallops and frozen scallops are typically sold by the pound. The letter U on their packaging stands for “under” and is followed by a number that indicates how many scallops the package contains per pound. Our U-10 Dry Day Boat Scallops package, for example, contains no more than 10 scallops per pound. If the label displays a range of numbers, then you can expect the number of scallops per pound to fall within that range. Please note that bay scallops are about a third of the size of the much larger sea scallops.


To buy wholesale scallops online, please review our seafood product Price Sheet. Local orders placed online are available for pickup at our Stuart-based wholesale seafood facility. We also deliver! Need assistance? We have fresh product delivered daily. Contact one of our wholesale sales representatives today. We’re happy to help.


U-8 Dry Day Boat (Gallon & Pound)

U-10 Dry Day Boat (Gallon & Pound)

U-12 Dry Day Boat (Gallon & Pound)

10-20 Dry Day Boat (Gallon & Pound)

20-30 Dry Day Boat (Gallon & Pound)

Fresh Scallop Chunks (Gallon & Pound)




10/20 Dry Frozen at Sea

40/60 Bay

60/80 Bay

Scallop Chunks

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