The Facility


Certified HACCP Coordinator monitoring and documenting daily procedures.Certified HACCP Coordinator monitoring and documenting daily procedures.

Automated boot sanitizers at every entry point of the processing facility.

Complete segregation of histamine and allergen species eliminating cross contamination.

Ozonated water system for increased sanitation on surfaces and instruments while processing.

Ozonated ice machines providing 10,000lbs of shaved ice daily for optimal storing of fresh fish.

Come tour a facility operating at the highest safety/sanitation standards in the seafood industry. New England Wholesale Fish and Lobster prides itself on continuous education of its employees. We currently employ 10 team members that are HACCP certified and trained to monitor receiving, storing, processing and delivery of every order. The facility itself is equipped with an integrated and comprehensive sanitation program. If you are looking for “seafood wholesale near me”, look no further!

Our Seafood Buying & Distribution Process

Buyers focused on building relationships and expectations with suppliers/partners worldwide. Over years of buying, accepting or rejecting fish our suppliers have become accustomed to the quality standards we demand.

Receiving team checking in every fish/product and promptly rejecting items with quality issues or temperature abuse. Nothing comes into the facility without a thorough inspection.

Receiving team stores every species in a way to optimize the quality of the product. For example: snapper being lined in a vat as they swim so the ice and weight of fish above doesn’t affect the integrity of the fillet.

Fish processing is done under refrigeration in minimal time. Fish will be pulled from the cooler under ice, processed under refrigeration and finished product re-iced within 30 minutes.

All delivery trucks are equipped with refrigeration and product is always delivered under ice. Our drivers log the temperature of the truck at each stop they make, ensuring proper handling from our facility to your kitchen.

When it comes to fresh fish, no one does it better than New England Wholesale Fish & Lobster. The dedication in every part of the process ensures we are providing our customers with the very best quality seafood available that day. Following our best practices while handling fresh fish makes a difference you can see and taste, giving us the ability to be the premier “seafood wholesale near me”.