New England Wholesale Lobster

At New England Wholesale Fish & Lobster, we offer the very best wholesale seafood delivery experience on lobster tails, lobster meat, and live Maine lobsters. You don’t have to visit Maine to enjoy their sweet, delicate flavor. We ship directly to your home or business.


For some, the lobster tail meat is the best part of the lobster and ours come in a variety of sizes. Choose from small (4-5 ounces), medium (5-6 ounces), and large (16-20 ounces). We also have lobster from Brazil, Honduras, and the Bahamas.


Lobster is not only a part of our name but also our speciality, and we take pride in delivering the highest quality of lobster available. Come see for yourself! Take a tour of our state-of-the-art, Stuart-based processing facility, which holds an impressive amount of refrigerated space for processing and holding fresh and frozen products as well as a 30,000-pound-capacity live lobster pound with a fully integrated and monitored sanitation system. Unable to see the facility in person? Take our Virtual Tour.


Please see our lobster price sheet for wholesale to the public pricing. Contact our sales team for availability and delivery questions.

Live Maine Lobsters



3 lbs


1.75 lbs



2 lbs

Lobster Bodies

Fresh & Frozen Lobster Meat

Claw, Knuckle & Tail Meat

Claw & Knuckle

Maine Lobster Cocktail Claws

Lobster Tails

Caribbean Lobster Tails 6 oz – 20 oz

Maine Lobster Tails 3 oz – 8 oz

South African Lobster Tails

Australian Lobster Tails


We sell frozen products by the case and require a six-piece minimum on live lobsters. For any large lobster orders (50 pieces or more) please order by Monday night for Thursday delivery and by Thursday night for Monday delivery. Please contact Lobster Pound Manager Rick Locke at  (772) 260-5469 for priding on large orders

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